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Rabbet Art Gallery in Branchburg, NJ

R a b b e t   A r t   G a l l e r y, i n c 

Contemporary art gallery - Corporate art consulting  - conservation  picture framing - PUBLISHING 

1169 US Highway 202 North         Branchburg, NEw Jersey 08876       

Telephone 908-575-8800     e-mail  rabbet@eclipse.net

Rabbet Art Gallery has 30 years experience with fine conservation picture framing for fine art for major corporations and private collectors.

We will frame your print or photograph in any type of frame you desire. We recommend using a matting, preferably white or warm white to help protect your artwork.

The frames that we are offering are listed in the store with the prints. 

Unfortunately, you will need to come to the gallery or call us directly to pick something other than the choices listed. 

We will be showing other frames very soon.

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